Security Control is a solution developed and managed by Innovative Thinking (Pty) Ltd. The Software as a Service (SAAS) was first released in 2013 and has developed over the years into a complete turnkey solution for Security companies. The days of carrying heaps of paper when visiting a site or completing Risk Assessments on a clipboard are long behind us.


The solution was developed to allow security personnel (from the control room to the field) to capture, store and send information in real-time, securely and efficiently.


Summaries and Analytics are populated on a live basis from information collected on site and in the field- providing a snapshot of status of client sites, as well as the performance of management and staff.


A comprehensive yet simple to use Web Dashboard Console allows easy access to reports completed as well as configuration the creation of users, sites, fleet as well as setting up report recipients and viewing mapped (Geolocation) data.

The Mobile App is available for all smart devices through the Play Store, iTunes or Web App.


Incident Management
  • Online Occurrence Book
  • Incident Notifications
  • General Incident Reports
  • Crime Incident Reports
  • Incident Investigations
Asset Management
  • Fleet Reporting
    • Vehicle Inspections
    • Service Notifications
    • Trip Sheets
    • Fuel Records
  • Equipment Control
    • Equipment Inspections
    • Equipment Handover
    • Asset Lists
Human Resource
  • Rostering
    • Rostering the correct number of employees
    • Allocating employees in the right location as per the SOP's
    • Allocating employees per grade/gender/age as per the SOP's
    • Reducing overtime and non-productive hours
    • Reducing labour costs
  • Postings
  • Disciplinary Warnings
  • Leave Applications
  • Uniform Order/ Received
  • Internal Training Forms
Risk Management
  • Risk Assessments
  • Site Visit Reports
  • Deviation Reports

Core Functions

Incident Management

Incidents and occurrences are recorded. Categories of each incident are stored and are used to identify trends and risks.

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Regional breakdown, origin analysis and technique, to name a few, are used to generate different analytical imagery. Compartmentalizing data allows the user to view and analyze the data in a comprehensive format.

Financial loss of an occurrence or incident that has been stored can be used as an ongoing investigation to establish if any financial loss has been minimized or items recovered to minimize the initial loss, or the success of incidents investigated. This is useful in analyzing how effective are the current security measures.

Risk Management

Identify risks proactively. Areas of concern can be highlighted the and the evidence captured via photo on site.

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business process but should aid and provide justification for security investments. Analytic tools identify the region and based on the crime patterns in the area, guide the risk assessor what to look out for.
Conviniet Data Access

With our cloud storage data is easily accessible by our clients as well as their clients having site specific access to captured information.

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Our clients may grant user-specific access to information as required. EIT makes use of Google's Firebase Cloud Servers for database hosting and storage, providing a scalable secure backend for all data. This ensures security of data always.
Simple Search Filtering

Searches on all system data. It identifies recurring patterns where the relationship is qualified.

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Different search options allow for fast and efficient searching of data, it is part of the analytical process.
Real Time Monitoring

This allows for a more proactive approach to managing site related occurrences.

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Any deviation can be acted on immediately to prevent any foreseeable disruptions caused by the initial incident.
Easy Integration

Data can be easily imported and exported across platforms through common integration files

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or alternatively for a live/synchronize integration, a full system analysis integrationcan be done.
  • Accurate capture of information and real-time reporting
  • Cloud Storage: easily access reports anytime from anywhere
  • Tasks and Notification Alerts can be assigned to improve response and action times
  • Live Dashboard Console (Monitor Reporting in Real-time)
  • Analytics on Crime Patterns


South Africa


per site
per month incl. VAT


per site
per month

App Features

  • Drop-down Selection
  • Tick Boxes
  • Mandatory Fields
  • Autocorrect and Spellcheck
App Features
  • Dynamic Fields & Conditional Responses
  • Legal Binding Digital Signatures
  • GPS Stamped Reports
  • Branded Professional PDF Reports
  • NFC Tag Reader


Can I use the Mobile App Offline?

Yes. Security Control is enabled with offline capability. If you need to complete reports in areas where there is little to no network signal, reports can be completed as normal- and as soon as there is there is a network connection, the reports will be sent.

How Secure is my Information?

We take information security very seriously. All data managed on platforms is handled through encrypted connections and password protected accounts. Any information you or your users send is only available to the parties who have been provided access. We pride ourselves on our secure and confidential platform. Providing our customers peace of mind.

How much does Security Control Cost?

It's simple and straight forward ->

  • Companies Operating in South Africa:
    R99.99 per site per month-there are no other costs!
  • International Companies:
    $9 per site per month – there are no other costs!
  • No capital costs
  • Nosetup/ installation costs.
  • If you require customization or specifics for your business, contact us for a quote.

What is the Minimum Contract Term?

  • Month to Month.
  • No fixed-term contracts!You can cancel the service at any time.
  • However, if you want to make a longer commitment to using Security Control, contact us on the details provided for a long term discounted contract.


Need Help?

Write to us, we will help you.

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